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Here are corgis I have owned at one time or another.

Amber at 13 years old.                                                                These two puppies adored their great great great

                                                                                                great grand mother Amber

My gorgeous Amy                                                                      Darcy and Oliver looking angelic.

Phoebe and her daughter Grace                                                 Phoebe playing in the woods.


Hard day at the beach.                                                          Saffron with her two puppies.

​Great excitement after the rain has stopped.                              Oliver up his favorite tree with his "shadow".  

Ruby at Crufts 2008                                                                Darcy looking for squirrels in my woodland

Young Bruno playing in the woodland.                                      Oliver, Ruby and grandmother Amber in the woodland.

Oliver and Ruby with Mum in the woodland                                    Saffon's first sight of open water and in she goes. 

Amber and her daughters Polly and Meggie in my garden.            Ruby enjoying the sunshine.

Oliver on top of his favourite tree.


 Lexi watching me in the study

Saffron contemplating in the woods.


It's bean picking time.

Lucy has now gone to her forever home.

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